Pay Water/Garbage Bill

We are still working out a few little kinks and wrinkles to the system but it works.  You can now pay your water/garbage will online through the proven Illinois State ePay system which is integrated into our bill pay software and now the web site.  There are a few things to note though…  

1) The ePay system appears to be a shared resource so make sure it shows Village of South Pekin at the top of their page before you make a payment.  You can either make a one time payment or actually sign up and create an account on the system which will allow you to see a bit more information.

2)  We do not immediately have visibility of your payment.  If you make a payment on, for example, Monday, we will not be able to see that payment until the following day.  This is a limitation of the system itself.  But rest assured, if you make a payment we will get it within 24 hours.  

3)  Balances are updated twice per month.  Once when new billing is ran and once again if any penalties (late fees) are ran.  This is usually at the end of the month and around the 20th of the month respectively.

Clicking the link below will take you directly to the ePay system in a new browser tab or window.  If it does not, make sure to disable pop-up blockers for this site and try again.  If you have any issues at all with bill paying, please use the Contact Us form (preferred) or call the village hall at (309) 348-3589 and let us know what issue you had.